Just like our clients, we too strive for high customer satisfaction ratings and work very hard to exceed our clients' expectations.

Our clients value our expertise and guidance, not to mention the results our projects produce. With our deep expertise and experience in the industry, we've discovered that a primary source of "new" customers is our "old" customers. The familial word-of-mouth referrals and follow-on projects we get from them and others in the industry who know us are the best endorsement of our work we could receive.

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Our clients* represent small privately held firms as well as the Fortune 1000; some have tens of agents, other thousands. Others have more than 10 centers worldwide, and some just have one.

They also represent a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Financial Services

  • Utilities

  • Telecommunications

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail/Distribution

  • Travel/Transportation

  • Entertainment

  • Associations and Nonprofits

  • Government

  • Technology/High Tech

  • Education

  • Consumer Goods

  • Business-to-Business Sales/Service

Because of these vast differences in size and industry, their needs also vary greatly. A few of the reasons clients hire us are they:

  • Require technology expertise, call center experience and best practices knowledge

  • Want proven project processes and resources that are good at facilitation, analysis, and developing useful and actionable deliverables

  • Are seeking to augment their team's bandwidth and/or skills

  • Need to accelerate their efforts, minimize their risks, reduce their costs, and make the right decisions

  • Want an outside view and/or facilitator

* Note: We respect the confidential relationship with our clients. You won't find a page of flashy logos here as the majority of our customers don't grant vendors rights to publish their trademarks and graphics and we honor and respect that. Prospective clients can receive more information about our client base and appropriate references during the sales process.