Project Profiles

With years of experience, our consultants have worked on a vast range of projects – from developing and defining strategy on issues such as technology, sourcing, or operations, to executing those strategic plans through design, project management, and project subject matter expertise.

Recently, we have:

  • Developed the plan for a Fortune 1000 company's departmental environment to transition to a call center, addressing organizational, process, call flow, and technology elements. Assisted with detailed planning of the master and sub-project elements, and served as a key team member for execution.

  • Helped a large, multisite and multi-business unit call center environment develop a strategy for migrating to Voice over IP, including the business case for this technology change and the associated operational and organizational impacts.

  • Helped a fast-growing company select the appropriate technology and plan for its implementation to enable them to effectively grow and adapt to changing business demands. Acted as project manager for the technology implementation.

  • Helped a well-established center improve its service through changes to the numbering plan, routing, skills, and IVR applications.

  • Developed the vision for "cross-servicing" for a major financial services provider as they prepare to offer additional products and services to their customers when interacting on service calls.

  • Helped a large, multi-site outsourced contact center define specific actions to optimize their operation and technology environment to best serve their client and the end customer.

  • Helped numerous companies identify prospective vendors, define requirements, and conduct vendor evaluation to find the best vendor to meet their business, functional, and technical needs.

  • Helped many companies (including several large financial services) develop their support functions to optimize contact center operations, addressing organizational structures, division of labor, roles and responsibilities, and processes.

  • Educated clients on change management best practices and methodologies applied to the context of specific projects.

  • Helped a company with multiple independent contact centers develop a new organizational structure, metrics strategy, and best-in-class strategy to run the centers under a common operating umbrella.