Technology Experience

There are dozens of Contact Center Technology Solutions on the market. If there's one (or several) you're considering, chances are we've seen it, researched it, implemented it and used it. But most importantly, we know how it should work. We have experience with these types of technologies:

  • ACDs and PBXs, including VoIP/IPT

  • Multimedia and multisite routing

  • IVR, including speech recognition

  • CTI

  • CRM

  • Knowledge Management

  • Workforce management

  • Reporting and Analytics (Speech and Data)

  • Performance optimization, including scorecards/dashboards)

  • Quality monitoring

  • Logging/call recording

Many projects we work on for clients involve planning, designing or implementing new technologies and processes. Here a few of the projects we've completed:

  • Technology plan for migration to VoIP and CTI and IVR, plus business case, for Fortune 1000 companies multisite centers

  • Technology plan for growth, platform transition, and new site, and subsequent project on organizational design for support functions for Fortune 1000 company

  • Strategic plan to help Fortune 1000 company turn its varied, departmental customer support operations into a cohesive Contact Center

  • Followed by detailed planning and execution support, and an additional project focused on shared support functions

  • Assessment for Contact Center changes in routing, IVR, numbering plan for major financial services provider

  • Subsequent projects included project management on execution; metrics strategy; cross-servicing vision

  • Expanded relationship into another business unit to help them with strategy and planning for a new center

  • Assessment and planning for mid-sized center as they mature

  • Subsequent projects included requirements and evaluation for Contact Center technology suite and project management on execution