Contact Center Technology & Services

Our services at Americas 1000 are unique...we help clients define and execute strategy. We partner with our clients to share our expertise, to guide them to develop the best solutions and processes possible, and to educate about potential pitfalls. We wrap each of our client projects with the latest best practices – best practices that only come from being in the trenches. These years of hands-on experience improving contact center performance come from working in and with large enterprises, small businesses, and federal agencies.

Our clients also applaud the "framework" concept we've developed. These project frameworks serve as a foundation for many project types, guiding the thinking, design, development and execution of the project.

While no two clients are the same, our frameworks enable us to identify and analyze common issues, and give us a format to not only educate clients on key factors, but also accelerate projects. Whether it's for technical implementation, metrics strategy, vendor evaluation, contact center roadmap, or one of our other many offerings, our frameworks help our clients effectively and efficiently achieve the desired project goals.

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We provide expert strategy consulting services including:

  • Technology Strategy and Planning
    Develop a vision and phasing for IT and telecom improvements, including the move to VoIP/IPT.

  • Contact Center/Operations Strategy
    Define positioning, role, and operational framework to meet your business goals, and the action plan to make it happen.

  • Multisite Strategy
    Design a cohesive, multisite operation that optimizes your resources and performance during normal operations and responds effectively to disruptive events.

  • Metrics Strategy
    Develop the appropriate metrics strategy for your business, including KPIs, accountability models, and the technology plan to provide the right information to the right people.

  • Outsourcing Strategy
    Determine when and how to outsource or use in-house resources and when and how to use premise-based or hosted technology solutions.

  • Business Cases
    Identify the benefits and develop the qualitative and quantitative analysis to support your plans.

After defining and developing strategy, we can help execute strategy with these types of Contact Center Consulting Services:

  • Contact Center Design
    Design new centers and multisite centers, and redesign existing centers.

  • Contact Center Implementation
    Provide project management or subject matter expertise to implement new centers or changes to existing ones.

  • Technology Selection
    Develop requirements and conduct vendor evaluations.

  • Technology Design
    Design contact routing strategies, develop migration plans, or address other specific technology needs.

  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning
    Develop executable operations and technology plans.

  • Process Design
    Provide training, planning, and execution.

  • Organizational Design
    Design or redesign your operations or IT/telecom.

  • Change Management
    Provide training, planning, and execution.

We also assist vendors, conferences, associations, users groups, and lawyers and their clients by offering other types of services including:

  • Speaking Engagements
    Provide speakers for conferences, seminars, meetings and events.

  • Customized Training
    Develop and deliver training in contact center technology, strategic planning, and the contact center market.

  • Writing Services
    Write independent articles, white papers, research papers, and case studies.

  • Market Opportunity Analysis
    Assess product fit, identify market needs, and provide customer perspective.

  • Surveys and Benchmarking
    Design custom surveys and analyze results for contact center issues and opportunities.

  • Expert Witness Services
    Provide a highly qualified, experienced expert witness for contact center technology patent lawsuits.